during teething. Gently dry it with a towel after drooling, so

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The second is to wash your face with a wet towel, although girls will have their own towels after washing their faces, but this towel will basically be put in the bathroom, because the bathroom is relatively humid, so there will be a lot of bacteria on the towels. If you often wash your face and wipe your face with this towel, these bacteria will enter the pores and cause facial skin sensitivity.

3. Do a good job in publicizing personal protective measures. Instruct employees to do a good job in personal hygiene protection, ventilate frequently indoors, wear masks when going out, wash hands frequently at home, reduce contact with dense people, avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, and when coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels and towels to reduce the risk of infection.

Or with 65 ℃ hot water bag on the wet towel for local hot compress is also more effective, to pay attention to the intensity of stimulation is not too intense, to patients feel comfortable, and pain relief is appropriate.

Second, drooling: the baby will also increase saliva during the teething period, which is actually a normal physiological phenomenon, which can bring more moisture to the root of the gums, thus relieving the discomfort during teething. Gently dry it with a towel after drooling, so as not to irritate the skin around the mouth and cause eczema.

during teething. Gently dry it with a towel after drooling, so

Second, sharing items is another common way to infect pubic lice. Pubic lice are parasitic on hair and skin, so they can survive on common items, such as towels, bedding, clothing, slippers, etc. If these items are used by people infected with pubic lice, pubic lice will be transmitted to other people through these items. In addition, pubic lice may exist even in public places with good sanitary conditions, such as public saunas, swimming pools and so on.