dry your whole body with a dry towel and put on

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Mainly through contact with patients with condyloma acuminatum used unclean items, such as towels, sheets, seats, toilets and so on, but this situation is not necessarily contagious. Condyloma acuminatum virus is a DNA virus that exists only in the human body, called human papillomavirus, this virus only parasites in the skin and mucosa of the human body, does not enter the blood, and after leaving the human body, the viability of the virus drops sharply, even death.

Small towels, bath towels, quilts (if you are in the same bed, do not build the same quilt with the baby), folding washbasins, bathtubs, wet towels, soft towels, cotton towels (um … These unlimited preparations), detergent, bottle cleaner

Pay attention to the amount of water that children drink, remind children to drink more water, remind children to pay attention to safety in outdoor activities, add and decrease clothes in time, and give sweating towels in time. Special treatment for young children. At the same time, we should finish the work at the end of the semester ahead of time and fight a prepared battle.

dry your whole body with a dry towel and put on

Moreover, a number of emergency doctors have introduced all kinds of strange things to gag, such as pen caps, towels, toothbrushes, chopsticks, wallets … And, of course, brave fingers! Are these things dirty? Some are swallowed or even inhaled by patients!

Swimming should pay special attention to safety measures, swim in groups or in groups, and do not act alone to prevent drowning and other accidents. Wash or wipe your body for 3-5 minutes before launching, so that the body can gradually adapt and then go into the water to prevent catching cold. In the process of swimming, you should do as much as you can, and never swim in rapids or whirlpools. After swimming, dry your whole body with a dry towel and put on good clothes to prevent sunlight exposure.

Summary: after these are put into the water, there are “small tubes” in the things that can absorb water, and some “small tubes” are very small and not easy to see. With these “small tubes”, towels, sponges and so on will absorb water.

Do not pick up the child immediately after a fall to avoid causing secondary injury. Parents should keep calm and observe the baby for a few seconds. Check whether the child has unconscious state change, then give comfort, at the same time, wrap the ice bag or ice with a towel, cold compress the injured area for 20 minutes, in order to constrict blood vessels to prevent occult bleeding and relieve pain.

As a mother, before each lactation, cover the left and right breasts with hot and damp towels, press and knead gently clockwise or counterclockwise for 15 minutes on both palms of the nipple and areola, and massage through the breast can promote the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin, which can help your milk enter the mammary sinus, promote milking and reduce breast distension.

dry your whole body with a dry towel and put on

1. Morning cleaning: every morning before the children come to school, open windows for ventilation; disinfect towels and water cups; clean and keep the floor clean; window edges, desktops and toy cabinets should be disinfected and wiped clean.

Summer to the seaside swimming should pay attention to: 1, summer sea water bath to choose a clean sea area, do not go to remote waters. To strengthen personal protection, you must not directly grab or catch caught seafood with your hands, and do not use your hands when you encounter jellyfish floating on the surface of the sea. Unknown species of sea life on the beach cannot be picked up or touched with their hands. 2. once stinging animals are stung, towels and clothes can be used to wipe off tentacles or venom attached to the skin. Do not wipe them directly with your hands. Do not rinse with fresh water, fresh water can promote thorn cell launch, can be washed with sea water. If possible, rinse or spray the affected area with alkaline solution; apply 10% sodium bicarbonate solution locally. And see a doctor in time.

▲ brings its own toiletries:? The barracks provides bed necessities, and students bring their own items: change of underwear, two sets of outerwear, socks, two pairs of sports shoes, slippers, towels, toothpaste toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo, washing powder, body wash, mosquito repellent, umbrella, toilet paper, notebook, ballpoint pen, summer homework, swimsuit, swimming hat, swimming glasses and other personal washing items.