the lower part of the luggage compartment, etc., while the whole car window glass

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Since it is the flagship of the BMW series, the interior must also be the flagship. The whole department comes with personalized customized Merino expanded leather, and provides more than ten kinds of personalized color matching. The leather dashboard and the interior door panels are decorated with exquisite contrast stitches, and the two-door and four-door rear seats are designed with independent seats, which are equipped with horizontal support and integrated headrests as the front seats. the back row is no longer a luggage compartment.

Although the absolute space inside the C-HR is not large, the storage space is well designed. The central bottom of the dashboard is equipped with a tray with a USB port, which can store items such as smartphones. A locker with a lid is arranged in the side trim plate of the luggage compartment. The trunk has a capacity of 316 liters, and the rear seats can be turned down to form a load space of 1112 liters.

the lower part of the luggage compartment, etc., while the whole car window glass

Like the legendary perfume cologne, Napoleon and Hepburn were fascinated by it. The citrus flavor and the classic bottle body make it a very practical work of art. There are clothing and luggage brands in the Filson, its Filson230 solid materials, excellent workmanship, classic style guarantee will not be out of date! In the automotive field, classic products also exist. After counting the star models in the car market, you will always have a product on the list, that is FAW Toyota Carola (parameter). As a classic car that has been around for 56 years, what are its brilliant achievements?

Brother said, the bag is too heavy, we put the bag here, wait for the call to take the elevator to pick it up. So they put their luggage on the 20th floor and continued to climb. They climbed up talking and laughing.

Car body + interior and exterior decoration + quality position requirements are as follows: classified position recruitment target car body expert-senior engineer-engineer 4 car body expert-senior engineer 4 opening and closing parts (sheet metal + accessories) expert-senior engineer sheet metal + glass elevator + sealing strip + hinge + door lock 4 exterior closure plate AGS senior 1 function group rearview mirror senior 1 exquisite process expert 1 Soft interior ceiling 1 soft interior expert 1 soft interior expert 1 hard interior group door guard expert 1 intelligent cockpit senior / expert 1 instrument panel group tuyere and CCB senior 1 exterior bumper senior 1 side wall decoration 1 functional group seat expert 1 chair senior 1 passive safety 1 hard interior door guard senior 1 column senior 1 soft interior ceiling senior 1 luggage compartment senior

the lower part of the luggage compartment, etc., while the whole car window glass

6. the interior and exterior decoration engineering design the automobile interior and exterior decoration includes the automobile exterior decoration and the interior decoration, because it is also called the body accessory equipment because it is installed on the body. The main design of exterior parts includes front and rear bumper, glass, door anti-collision decoration strip, intake grille, luggage rack, skylight, rearview mirror, door mechanism and accessories and sealing strip. The interior design mainly includes dashboard, steering wheel, seat, seat belt, airbag, carpet, sidewall interior decoration, sunshade panel, handrail, car rearview mirror and so on.

There are many kinds of automotive composites, including glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composites. Natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites and carbon fiber reinforced composites are widely used in seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, engine covers, battery brackets, pedals, floors, protective panels, car ceilings, luggage brackets, sunshades, spare tire racks, etc., with the advantages of high strength, good durability, high reliability, low price, recyclable, degradable, renewable and so on.

In addition to choosing bags according to clothing color, people with high fashion vision also like to choose some grotesque bags, such as bucket bags, mobile phone bags, bread bags, luggage bags and so on. These bags are full of freshness because they are rare in daily life and are more fashionable than conventional bags such as shoulder bags and chain bags.

the lower part of the luggage compartment, etc., while the whole car window glass

In the sense of the quality of the details, Weisa has improved to varying degrees. First of all, the vehicle in the door interior panel, under the luggage compartment, around the dashboard and other places equipped with a large area of sound insulation materials, coupled with the front row of double-layer noise reduction glass, can effectively improve the driving quality of the vehicle.

The interior decoration is very practical. The interior decoration shows lively design features, and the sense of movement is the most prominent feature of the whole interior decoration. It attracts the eyes of young people all the time. The car is also equipped with full liquid crystal thick dashboard and leather multi-function steering wheel, which is consistent with the positioning of the car. Interior style is more avant-garde, soft asymmetrical center console with silver trim panel, coupled with suspended touch LCD control screen, the shape is simple but very practical. It is worth mentioning that Volkswagen Lingland uses up to eight exterior atmosphere lights, including four door handle lights, upper grille atmosphere lights, angel wings welcome blanket lights, side sign lights and luggage rack atmosphere lights, to create a very strong exclusive and noble atmosphere, the inside light lighting function of the four door handles can guide users to find the position of the door handle in time, and the humanized design gives users more convenience.

As a result, Weisa not only provides advanced sound, but also optimizes the sound insulation and silence of the whole vehicle. For example, a large number of sound insulation materials have been added around the body dashboard, fender lining, door interior panel, the lower part of the luggage compartment, etc., while the whole car window glass has also been thickened. The front and side windows of the high-end model are equipped with double noise reduction glass and additional door frame seals to ensure the enjoyment of music in a quiet environment.