among women, this brief lunch eon will also have

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Demak thermal insulation lunch box uses the patent material of metal institute of Chinese academy of sciences antibacterial stainless steel inner wall, clean at the same time can achieve long-term heat preservation. In particular, its 8-layer design, as well as the use of thermal insulation inner cover and vacuum insulation technology, can achieve up to 12 hours of food heat preservation. With such an insulated lunch box, you can put your own food in it, take it to the workplace, and wait until you get off work at noon to open it, which is more convenient and healthier.

When confidence and power can be passed across barriers and through cordial exchanges among women, this brief luncheon will also have a more colorful meaning and will reverberate continuously in the life of MSRA intern girls.

Nowadays, school lunches in Japan are mainly divided into two ways: school canteen and school meal center. Compared with the school canteen, the weakness of the school meal center distribution is that it takes time to transport to the schools, and the hot food is difficult to keep warm. There is also a hidden problem: because the school meal center provides school meals for many schools at the same time, in case something goes wrong with food safety, it is easy to have large-scale poisoning.

Parents are waiting anxiously outside the school gate with warm lunch boxes in one hand and a small horse in the other, and some parents even drive “private cars”. When the students walked out of the school after school at noon, they immediately went up and took out steaming meals by the side of the road. Students sat in Little Mazha and began to enjoy lunch. It became common for parents of senior high school students to deliver meals.

It is understood that the food delivery incubator can keep a constant temperature for four hours to ensure that the lunch actually distributed to the students is not less than 65 degrees Celsius. The menu is not the same 5 days a week, and the standard food is two meat dishes, one vegetarian dish, one staple food, one non-staple food and one soup.

among women, this brief lunch eon will also have

At 09:45, when the catering car arrived, Yi Jianmin and Hou Shujie picked up their loving lunch. after loading it into the warm delivery truck, they drove non-stop to the community where they were in charge of delivering the food. At this time, they had only one thought: “We must quickly deliver hot food to the elderly!”

Food suggestion: more than 2 bottles of water per person, lunch, such as rice, cakes, bread, beef jerky, mustard, tomatoes, cucumbers and other light and digestible food, personal medicine. You can also bring a thermos cup or self-heating rice. It is very pleasant to have a hot drink during the lunch break.

This is the seventh day for Liu Haitao to deliver free lunch to volunteers. The words “free food delivery for the staff to fight the epidemic” are pasted on the front of his motorcycle and on the incubator, and the volunteers at the four card points in Kouqian town are very familiar with this enthusiastic restaurant owner.